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Social Issues


The bar code SF will not just be about the designers, furniture, artists and the city we love but every sale will have a social political cause embedded into its bar code tag. The minute you walk in the door you will see a quote from a social, political or cultural issue that needs attention,  justice and of course funding. After all, every time you spend money you are casting a vote on the kind of community, society and world you want to live in.


With rents in SF sky rocketing and brick and mortar retailers suffering from online giants, The Bar Code shares its space by partnering with and managing designers and artists. 

This allows clients to meet with top designers in an event driven setting and to experience ‘the feel, touch and see’ that only shopping offline offers. 

The mission is to save the experience of Art and fashion in San Francisco and in a way its a love story to the city that was built on design art and technology. Participating businesses agree to donate a percentage of their profits to organizations like Planned Parenthood. In fact, the sake of the name “Bar Code” is it’s unique identifier, each Barcode is embedded with social good by funding important movements. The Bar Code definitely knows it’s SF roots and is progressive, a bit political and all about humanitarianism through the art of fashion.